Serengeti Explorer & The Great Migration

This reimagined lodge sits high up on the Nyaboro Hills overlooking the endless plains for which the Serengeti is famed. It is one of the most central yet private settings in the Serengeti, the perfect place to see and access the Great Migration as it makes its annual pilgrimage.

January – March

The herds are usually calving in the southern Serengeti plains where the landscape is lush.

  • Av. distance: 55km, 1hr 20min drive

April – May

The herds start moving north towards the central Serengeti plains.

  • Av. distance: 45km, 1hr 15min drive

June – July

The herds move northwest towards Grumeti.

  • Av. distance: 110km, 2hr 30min drive.

August – September

Herds continue north towards the Masai Mara. The herds must first cross the Mara River.

  • Av. distance: 160km, 3hr drive

October – November

Following the rainfalls, the migration continues north into the Masai Mara.

  • Av. distance: 400km, 5hr drive


The migration starts moving south again, back into the Serengeti.

  • Av. distance: 130km, 2hr 30min drive
Serengeti Migration Map